Seem a blue-blooded tactical shotgun yo and a sniper over there so many weapons what are you doing why aren’t you grab it any of them we still haven’t left the spawn island you idiot appear I found some odd grenades careful with that the issue is boogie bombs who are they powerful yeah not really and I don’t want them they’re all yours oh boy you finally heartened up didn’t know you had moves I’m not dancing gladly I can’t control this stupid bomb you hurl at me I know what you mean bro the dancing comes from the heart you can’t control it just let it flow we have here a couple of dancers let’s kill them wait there dance this Oh beautiful do something stop dancing and hit them why should I stop dancing well I don’t you stop dancing I told you already I can’t well I can’t stop either I am dancing from my being all right there knowing me now let’s kill him well that was an to come you have to listen to me male that time we got lucky next time who is familiar with but the objective is we have to pay attention at all occasions you’ll never is common knowledge that an foe will be presented oh no you just extended over Keanu Reeves adversaries at 150 they can’t see us they’re still far away dude let’s journey the rocket you jump in I’ll shoot it under your paws which will send you piloting immediately at them are you out of your thinker that’s not how Rockets study you’re just gonna blow us up it does work I’ve seen so many youtubers doing it but this isn’t YouTube this is real life whatever there’s no way this will work fucking – god it’s working “lets get going” yeah max you did it you’re the man I did what we almost got caught human a blizzard sucks it’s the freakin worst at times like this I merely please it wasn’t even video games at all I necessitate actually what a pain in the butt I just really really hate the hurricane dude the cyclone is right behind us she just heard all of that what the oh look what you’ve done now you shaped the cyclone sobbing what apologize to the cyclone right now but do it I’m sorry storm that’s it now shake hands you two see now everyone is happy by the lane cyclone we’re trying to win this play think you can give us a hand okay that’s enough I can’t let you guys wipe everybody out like this I didn’t stop you before because I really liked that carol but this cannot continue blizzard go away but these people fight their combat as for you two I am watching you well there’s only two other teams left let’s hi wait for them to fight each other and after they do we come out and finish off whoever survived I dislike to say it but that’s a good plan let’s conceal over there it’s too dark in here I can’t see that’s why it’s a perfect hiding place yeah I said exactly the same thing see this guy concurs wait who said that me who’s me me your partner uh no I am your spouse and I am your partner do I have two partners is this duo’s or crews I think it’s duo’s it’s definitely duo’s these people are the adversaries the shoot’em said wait no shoot me I’m your partner no you’re not who is my teammate me oh no max I feel a handgun pointing at me right in my shoulder oh wait no that’s my own gun sorry keep going humankind okay listen I’m gonna put down a campfire so we can see and figure this thing out ready what can I say this is a great hiding place I know I said the exact same thing seven that is not a weapon what is that I don’t know but it appears in Minnesota no it doesn’t that looks like a piece of glass precisely I could smash him in the head with it you don’t want to mess with that those are space-time rifts if you transgress it there’s no way to know where you’ll end up likely right here but in the sky or maybe in a completely different aspect you will not trick me you’re saying that because you know this is a menacing weapon and you don’t want me to use it on you or maybe you’re saying it because you know that I would think that so you’re actually are seeking to stir me use it wait maybe you think I would think you’re thinking that so you predicted my thinking so I don’t use it or maybe you think that I thinked I’ll screw it where are we