What’s up everybody? welcome back to my channel! hi.. today (how are you by the way) today is gonna be crazy because first of all I’m leaving for Paris tomorrow but I just got a call from Lamborghini of Calabasas now you guys we all know this is my baby Mr. Diva is a Lamborghini Huracan and I got her two years ago to celebrate some really big milestones in my life never even thought in the 10 million years I’d ever have 1 Lamborghini is crazy this is slow today what are we doing baby we’re getting a second we’re getting a second one I got to custom build the brand new Lamborghini Urus which is the first ever super SUV and also one of Lamborghinis only SUVs that they’ve ever created they created one before years ago but this is the new crazy supercar so I am of course a car junkie I’m gonna need a car museums yeah a small one just a little one but the dealership let me custom build this and it is such a dream so before I hop on my flight we’re gonna go pick it up take it for a test drive and celebrate and let’s see what this car looks like all right you guys we just got to the dealer and they are finishing and detailing the car it just got here from Italy and I see tiny Peaks through the window right now and I am dying aren’t you guys let’s go check it out me already ran up to it absolutely oh my god it looked a lien I’m joking I have no words oh my God look at that front end it’s like a baby it took nine months and it was definitely worth it is it open oh oh my god I forgot that I custom did the steering wheel yellow avoid shit I forgot oh look at the inside oh they haven’t even peeled off the wrapper yet it’s like a new makeup palette when you pull off the plastic off the mirror rasie oh my god literally custom yellow everything oh look that you got a hat yes we love that whoa look at the crazy Sun remember we Shh we got the hole yeah we got the crazy sunroof oh my god pull every Bell and whistle the smell smells so good so crazy I feel like I’m dreaming right now I feel high and I’m not whoa yeah so these screens yeah they’re detachable good morning it’s like a Lamborghini home brand iPad basically this is crazy like should we peel back we’re peeling back yeah we’re peeling baggalini oh we have to oh my god all of the suede interior is so stunning I’m like shocked right now Wow look at all the cookies detailing their seats look at it look at that oh it’s the little things Wow the most important part of the vehicle besides the engine is the ass let’s check out the booty oh wow Wow all the detailing on that’s a that’s a picture the big trunk for a Lambo they did that all right we’re gonna peel off the steel like we’re killing off a pilot oh so rash all right let’s get this one off come on nails I love how fresh this is like good morning yeah I like a little bit left got it wow it is so beautiful the craftsmanship just like this was definitely worth the wait I am so shocked look at that yes yeah right right yeah all this right here all the way turned out I love how they did this whole thing it’s crazy yay so you know now the not so fun part filling out all the forms so we can officially buy it and make this little bragini Earths jeffree star approved all right paperwork is officially done baltimore by ii never Guinea I’ll write you guys that we just finished the paperwork everything is officially done and this car is mine let’s turn it on babe yep push your button baby and chin on baby it’s saying all right obviously you guys we are about to leave and go for a official first drive and I am starving so maple Joe a milk-bone and turn out to get any fast food in this car all right let’s take it for a spin all right just from being it for one second it is so powerful it just feels so good and this is not a Trojan at all right we’re gonna see if Taco Bell is open and not we’re gonna find something else but we’re gonna hit the freeway and I’m so excited but this engine to the test oh right I definitely think it’s time to hit the gas and let’s see how fast this motherfucker goes for a second oh my god is so smooth we’re going over 80 and it feels like I’m going 30 like she’s smooth oh this thing pigs so good and the brakes it’s like smoother than my ass after fresh wax whoa turn me we just got home and we parked our new baby next to our other Lamborghinis so insane it’s such a surreal day for me and I am shocked so we are gonna go celebrate have some dinner and take this baby to Malibu and then I am off to Paris in the morning so thank you guys so much for watching this video and I’ll see you on the next one mwah bye guys